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If you are looking to increase your business, both new and experienced male escorts advertising their services on Manchester Escorts Directory will mean they can reach new clients. To advertise with us please complete the online form below. We will send you an email which contains a link so that you can create your personally tailored advertisement. Please be sure to check your spam if you do not see our reply in your inbox.

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Is this the dream job for you?

So gentlemen if you are thinking that you would like to become a male escort have you got what it takes to please the ladies, when, where, how and IF she wants?

This is the side of the escorting industry that is now becoming a real growth area, guys see that ladies are demanding more at every level of equality, right down to the line where they can choose to do a some exploring of other guys' companionship and a little fooling around……just like the gentlemen have been doing all along. Businesswomen and emancipated women in all walks of life are looking for the free and easy approach to casual relationships that they see the boys enjoying and this means that when they are with a male escort they are calling the shots.

The male escort scene

Guys looking to join us as male escorts are extremely fortunate as the lady clients like their male companions to come in a wide age range, from the young, red hot stud of 18 years old and over through to the George Clooney lookalikes, the more mature guys with class and style and nobody minds the silver hairs if the presentation is sophisticated and fits the lady's bill. Become a male escort in Manchester and enjoy taking single (even if single only for the night) ladies on a whirl of fun and excitement around Manchester's throbbing nightlife. Treat her the way that she firmly believes she deserves to be treated, but finds that she seldom is, this is why you are with her to realise the fantasy of the perfect man! Gentlemen treat their dates to a standard of chivalry and care that every woman secretly craves, no matter how much of a feminist she may be, that special level of TLC will win her over every time. To think of becoming a male escort is to be the ideal male of her fantasies… know you have got it in you!!

Why do you want to become a male escort?

There has to be the same level of commitment to your date's pleasure as the female escorts gives the guys, in fact it may be even more so as these ladies are only just discovering what it is like to spend time with a male escort and she may set the bar high in her standards of satisfaction. But what a fantastic time anyone who is considering the possibility of taking on the role by becoming a male escort will have! If you believe you have the credentials to become Manchester's male escort who tops the popularity list, the most desired man around by becoming a male companion in Liverpool, or the No 1 choice by being an escorting male in Leeds and Bradford.

How to join as a male escort

The first steps towards realizing your wish to become a Manchester male escort are so simple: fill in the online application form and we will get back to you. Or if you want to join as a male escort in Leeds, fancy joining Liverpool male escorts or becoming a Bradford male escort just pop down those details and click on SEND, we will get back to you or you can contact one of the local male escort agencies in the northern region of the UK and step forward as a new male escorting companion. An open minded woman who may be between partners and not looking for commitment will discover that a male escort can be just the sort of informal arrangement that can bring her a refreshing and exhilarating sense of freedom with a gorgeous guy who only has her on his agenda.

It's the right time for becoming a male escort

It is perfectly normal for discerning gentlemen to desire the company of any of any one of the utterly lovely female escorts available by just checking out an escort directory such as Manchester Escort Directory and choose between the independent and the agency escorts to help him fill his evening with fun. In the last 10 years the escorting scene has evolved to become more inclusive as women look to seek a reputable escort directory as a source that they can trust for male escorts of the same high calibre. That surely makes this the perfect time to add a little variety to your life by becoming one of the male escorts Manchester and other large cities now need to fulfill the ladies' requirements.

Are such men a fantasy? Male escorts say not!

Do you have the self belief that you could take a modern woman's fantasy or dream and meet it and perhaps exceed her expectations…..are you the male escort that could be there to fulfill her every wish?