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We are delighted that you are going to join us on this excellent, popular Manchester Escorts Directory, the easiest way to promote your services whether you are an independent escort in Manchester or in the region, or are extending the advertising of your escort’s agency in Manchester or the North West.
At Manchester Escorts Directory we respect all our contributors and politely request that everyone shows equal consideration to other independent escorts in Manchester and the North West and Manchester escorts agencies who advertise here.
When submitting your details to create your unique profile please ensure that you follow our guidelines. Images should be of you, taken when you were over the age of 18 years, they should not be drawn from stock images or taken from other people’s profiles. They should not be explicit or regarded as pornographic, such photos if submitted will be withdrawn. Please tick the appropriate box below to confirm these details and that you have ownership of these images and therefore the right to use them.
Deciding upon the name that you wish to advertise your services under and using an email which links to your chosen name helps to ensure your privacy. Choose a password which is specific to this account and do not share your password with anyone else.
We look forward to welcoming you to this Manchester escorts directory and to helping you make your escorting career a successful one!